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About Us

For over years of constant improvement, we have become one of the most successful tattoo salons. Here’s why people choose us.

Welcome to Tat2holics! The nr. 1, “Only for the real addicts” tattoo studio. We are located in the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands, The Hague. Out of love for the scene, love for tattoos and the art of craft, I (Percy), founded Ta2holics in the year 2017.

Tat2holics has grown into a place for and by talented tattoo artists, piercers and PMU-specialists with local and international experience.We are fully focused on high quality tattoos, a clean, safe, welcoming and a cozy 'gezellige' environment. Whether you one of our artists or a customer, you all will be treated as one of our family members!

Within a year we put our studio on the map by winning podium awards in the biggest tattoo competitions in Amsterdam, and Rotterdam (even twice!). These were moments of recognition and our love for tattoos was rewarded.

Welcome to Tat2holics! The nr. 1, “Only for the real addicts” tattoo studio.
We are located in the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands, The Hague.

about us

Our Services

We provide a wide variety of tattooing services to both regular and new clients. At Tat2holics, you can expect first-class treatment as well as 100% safe and sterile environment & equipment.


Black and Grey ralism, Portraits, Animal tattoos, Fine line, Mandala, Ornamental, Blackwork, Bold line ornamental, Traditional.


Want some extra holes in your body? Our
piercing masters will make some
for you.

Tattoo cover up

Got some old tattoos that you don’t find pretty?
Our talented artists will cover them
up for you.

Tattoo design

Nothing can beat the challenge of creating
a design that initially is only in
your imagination.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique
which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs.

Laser removal

Laser tattoo removal offers an effective solution to your unwanted tattoos as a simple outpatient procedure.

Our art showcase

Tat2holics Tattoo Salon is a place where the best tattoo artists showcase their work. We welcome you to take a look at our best artworks.

Our tattoo salon provides creative space for every tatto artist to show their skills and unique ideas. Our clients and visitors are always welcome to take a look at our most impressive tattoos and artworks submitted by the artists of Tat2holics. Feel free to take a look at our gallery to discover your future tattoo.

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Our Amazing Artists

Tat2holics has a team of talented and highly creative artists whose main goal is not just to keep you satisfied but also impress you with a unique art that will help you stand out from the crowd. The experience and unmatched skills of our tattooists are reasons of our salon’s success.


Our salon provides tattoos of various complexity. From simple to highly creative artworks, we gather all our achievements in the portfolio. Feel free to take a look at the gallery below to discover our best works.

Make an Appointment

The best way to enjoy a treatment at our studio is to book an appointment with the desired tattoo artist. Fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your appointment.

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Testimonials of Our Clients

Thanks to our clients’ regular reviews, testimonials, and comments, we are able to improve our studio.

Unlike other studios, we prefer to maintain a constant connection with our customers and receive feedback on every service, whether it’s a simple tattoo or a permanent makeup service. If you’ve already visited Tat2holics, feel free to contact us and send your testimonial.

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